Inspiration: Meg A Merrylees

“The danger of ‘doing nothing about it’ is revealed by the growth of Nazi power in pre-war Germany. We can and must all do something, and the burden falls upon our particular shoulders is that of helping to ease the housing situation. The answer, ‘but our hands are full with our own housing problems’ is not acceptable. The housing of the immigrants is our problem, because anti-racialism is a germ that festering inward, ultimately kills the social system that harbours it.”

Meg A Merrylees MBE, National Federation of Housing Associations Secretary, writing in The Times Weekly Review on 4 December 1958

One thought

  1. The dates of the eviction have now been revealed: bailiffs and police will start ‘securing’ the site from 12th Sept, and will start taking out caravans/bull dozing homes on the week 19th September. We URGENTLY need people to come down to Dale Farm from the week of the 12th to support the community as the eviction approaches. The eviction is likely to be protracted (90 families will be evicted plot by plot from 50+ plots). It will take a mass flow of supporters over this entire period (from 12th Sept until the end of September) to fend off bailiffs and stop the destruction of this community.

    On 19th September Basildon Council and the coalition government who are financing this will face a moral challenge to explain to thousands of people and the world’s assembled media why they are choosing to make over 100 children homeless and remove them from their schools. The eviction has been condemned by a broad coalition of groups, including Amnesty International, trade-unionists, and anti-racism groups.

    The 19th will be a critical day for the residents, but if you can get there sooner your presence will be a massive boost for residents and supporters who have already joined Camp Constant. If you are coming to the demo on 10th Sept, bring a sleeping bag and a toothbrush and stay for as long as you can. Our ability to stop this ethnic cleansing is now almost entirely down to numbers- so come on down! For more information and to sign up to the sms eviction notification,

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