Why organisational and practice cultures in health and social care need to change?

412463142_640The Cultural Consultation Service launches a new short film

Mental health and cultural consultation

Why organisational and practice cultures need to change?

Since 2010 the Cultural Consultation Service (CCS) has provided in-depth analysis to health and social care organisations, commissioners, teams and professionals. CSS also works closely and effectively with service users and carers.

CCS uses anthropological and social science field research methods to reveal covert and overt cultures of practice to improve patient and public health. They discover cultures through the narratives of patients, carers and of society in general.

The recent headlines about poor care practices in the NHS, as reported in the Francis Inquiry report, echo our findings that it is the culture of care and professional practice that needs scrutiny.

Many professionals feel unable to speak out about poor care, challenged by divergent priorities and heavy workloads; often with little appreciation of the need to protect the special therapeutic relationship that is essential in all care practice, be it in health or social care.

Against this backdrop CCS will continue to offer bespoke consultancy and analysis to individuals, teams, commissioners, policymakers and providers.

Watch the new short film, which also features Lord Victor Adebowale, to learn more about what CCS does and how they can help you recognise and improve the organisational and individual cultures of practice that can hinder recovery.

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