CIH and BMENational housing rights website

A message from John Perry ( at CIH: Dear colleague, I’m sure you are aware of the CIH/BMENational housing rights website ( which provides help to migrants and their advisers about access to housing and housing benefit. CIH has been…

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Inspiration: Meg A Merrylees

“The danger of ‘doing nothing about it’ is revealed by the growth of Nazi power in pre-war Germany. We can and must all do something, and the burden falls upon our particular shoulders is that of helping to ease the…

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Feature: Is the Big Society destroying the very things it’s meant to stand for?

My 84-year-old grandmother was rescued by the Big Society. Or was it the big state? Or was it the doctrine of state multiculturalism? Listen to her story and you tell me. Chau Yuk Sim arrived in Britain from Hong Kong…

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